Justin Tomlinson MP has called for renewed efforts to break the deadlock over Brexit.

The Conservative MP for North Swindon, who voted in favour for the deal for a second time last night, said the issue over the Irish backstop needed fresh consideration after two months of negotiations.

"We can't keep debating the same arguments over and over again," he said.

"The public and businesses want certainty, they use to deliver and they want us to move on."

While the MP declined to say which way he will go on the no-Brexit vote today he stated a preference for a planned exit on March 29.

He added: "Both sides of the debate have to accept there will have to be compromise to break the deadlock to support a sensible, orderly and pragmatic way to deliver Brexit with appropriate transitions."

MPs will vote on a motion to reject going through with a no-deal Brexit today at 2.30pm.