HEAVY lorries could be banned from using Kingshill Road under council plans to slash air pollution.

Swindon Borough Council estimated around 250 lorries a year could be hit by the changes, which would be brought in by 2021. Traffic officers said they could find alternative routes for the HGVs.

The recommendation will be voted on by the cabinet next week, as councillors discuss the Kingshill Air Quality Management Plan.

The borough needs to find a way to cut Nitrogen Oxide emissions by at least a third to bring air pollution back to safe levels.

HGVs make up an estimated 1.5 per cent of traffic along the most polluted stretch of Kingshill Road, by the Clifton Street turning, but contribute 12 per cent of NO2 emissions.

Coun Cathy Martyn, cabinet member for housing and public safety, said: “We are required to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions generated on Kingshill Road by 30 per cent and the proposal to remove HGVs from the road is a significant step towards achieving that.

“The most far reaching solution with the biggest impact would be for those people who currently drive up and down Kingshill to use alternative modes of transport such as walking or cycling, which would also have other health benefits for people.

“We realise that this isn’t practical for everyone but if you can walk, cycle, car share or take the bus, then please do that whenever you can. Every journey makes a difference.”

In its Air Quality Management Plan the council has also recommended making changes to taxi licensing terms to get rid of more polluted vehicles and improving the Old Town railway cycle path.


Patrick Herring, Eastcott parish councillor and vice-chairman of South Swindon Parish Council, welcomed the concrete actions but doubted whether the plan went far enough.

“Air pollution is a huge health hazard for local people. Other local authorities are going much further when faced by the same challenges. Swindon Borough Council needs to allow itself a little radicalism if it's going to get this under control,” he said.

Resident Marcus Kittridge added: “The council knows what to do to achieve safe air quality but the measures they are suggesting are far too low.”

The haulier view

Scott Sharkey of Les Smith Haulage Ltd said: "We believe anything that helps the community from a health or safety point of view can only be a good thing.

"We are aware of the rising issues of emissions across the UK and as company we are doing what we can to reduce emissions in the UK as well as in Swindon.

"With our fleet replacement policy upgrading our trucks to Euro 6 as well as ensuring our route planning avoids this area will ensure we do our best to reduce emissions around this area of Swindon.

"We are monitoring the ULEZ  (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London as well as the CAZ (Clean Air Zones) across the country so, as a company, we’re pleased Swindon Council is addressing the towns health issues."

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