WILTSHIRE recorded only one instance of death or serious injury by dangerous driving last year.

According to Wiltshire Police data from June 2017 - 2018 the single recorded offence makes Wiltshire the lowest county in the whole of the south west, where there were 56 offences in total.

The highest number of offences was in Devon and Cornwall, where there were 33, Gloucestershire had 10, and Dorset eight.

Only one other locality recorded the same figure as Wiltshire for the period, the City of London.

Figures compiled by comparethemarket.com reveal the most common cause of road accidents in the south west was drivers failing to look properly, 41 per cent, failing to judge another driver's speed, 22 per cent, and being careless or in a hurry, 19 per cent.

Last year there were more than 250 car accidents reported to police across the UK.

The most common causes of accidents by far are those that were the fault of the driver, with 69 per cent of accidents being caused by “driver error or reaction".