A REMAIN-supporter walking across the country to heal the divisions of Brexit set of from Swindon yesterday.

Edmund Sides, from Swansea, stopped off at the Honda plant while making the almost 312-mile trek from Swansea to London.

The ardent supporter of the remain camp set off on March 6 and hopes to make it to the capital in time for the People's Vote demonstration on Saturday March 23.

He told the Advertiser before he set off the walk was to reach out to people on all sides of the debate.

"What upsets me a lot is that the whole country is getting so polarised," he said.

"I wanted to do a walk, not a march, which could be seen as confrontational, to stop with people along the way to better understand what their real reasons for voting were.

"We have still got to live and work together after this and it's sad to hear of friends and families splitting apart.

"That is not a world where I want my children growing up in."

Having walked through several storms since taking off Edmund, who was joined by his wife Rhiannon for the first leg, said he began naming his blisters after politicians on all sides.

He added that he found the journey a way of escaping from the frustration of watching the Brexit process go through parliament.

"It's a great way to de-stress," he said, "If you start feeling stressed out by Brexit just go for a walk and after you will have a much clearer head."