AN 11-year-old was the youngest person allegedly found in possession of a knife during Wiltshire Police’s week-long blitz on blades.

The boy, who was arrested in Swindon town centre during the Op Sceptre anti-knife crime campaign, is due to be interviewed by police officers.

South Swindon’s Insp David Tippetts said: "Op Sceptre is about the awareness of knife crime and the education around the carrying of knives.

"Support from local schools has been invaluable.

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"I am pleased to say that during the week we identified 11 children through intelligence who habitually carry knives; they have been visited at home, the parents have been spoken to and our partner agencies have also been made aware of these children.”

In Park South, a 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of weapons offences after officers found a cannister of CS gas and a hammer.

Further afield, police in Trowbridge arrested a boy, 16, on suspicion of affray after allegedly threatening another teen with two kitchen knives. The teen has been released on police bail.