A SCHOOLBOY with autism has turned his love of cars into an occasion to bring together fellow fans and raise awareness of his condition – and he has the backing of a Top Gear legend.

Leon Watts is organising a charitable meet up of classic and cool cars in the summer to raise funds for his school and the National Autism Society.

The 15-year-old, who has had support from former Top Gear presenter Tiff Needell, attends the Riverside Centre and said he wanted to teach more people about autism: “I’ve asked my friends at school and none of them really knew a lot about it.

“It is basically a condition where you can be hyper sensitive to the things that are happening around you.

He added: “I was bullied in mainstream school and that quite badly affected me. That’s the main reason I now go to the Riverside Centre. When I was being bullied, talking about cars and thinking about cars really helped me get through the worst of it.

“So I came away from all that wanting people to understand what autism is and understand what affects us differently compared to someone without the condition."

Leon has launched his own car club and blog, Autoism where he talks about cars he has seen and showrooms or tracks he has visited.

Leon, from Oakhurst, explained that his love of cars came about from watching Top Gear from the age of three and that he wanted to raise money to give back to his school: “The school has been really helpful with me since I joined, they’ve been very understanding of my condition.

“So I wanted to do something for them because I think they deserve some support as well. It will hopefully be a great day for people to bring their cars and have some fun.”

The event takes place on June 2 at Classic Motor Hub in Bibury. Anyone who wants to get involved can contact info@autoism.club.