PRINCE of saucy innuendo Julian Clary is mincing back to Swindon later this month bringing his new show.

A familiar face in the town where his parents Peter and Brenda settled nearly 20 years ago, the comedian and children's author is appearing at the Wyvern on March 28 as part of a British tour with Born to Mince.

“I miss touring," he said. "What I have to do with my life is rotate various activities.

"So writing children’s books is lovely, and I really enjoy making children laugh.

"But a part of me wants to talk filth and I’m not one for depriving myself of that pleasure.

"It’s been a while since I sallied forth to pleasure the provinces with my particular brand of saucy innuendo.’’

He warns that he will be roving around the theatre during his show and meeting his audience, something he was told not to do when he attempted straight acting.

He said: “I did a straight play last year, Le Grand Mort, and had to stop myself from talking to the audience.

"I wanted to talk about someone’s hair and their handbag and you just can’t apparently.

"I’m told that, when acting in play, you are expected to say the same words in the same order every night. Who knew?’’

Julian's family settled in West Swindon when he was 18, just as he was heading off to university.

But he has made numerous visits over the years, attending events such as the Wiltshire Bowls Club, where his parents played, a school prize giving and opening numerous church and school fetes.

And he has read excerpts from his children's books to pupils during several visits to Meadowpark School in Cricklade where his sister Bev Millin is a teacher.

His pet, Fanny the wonder dog, spent many weeks in Swindon when Julian was on tour. His parents were number one dog sitters.

He turned to comedy, having been turned down for the Royal Shakespeare Company. "I did get a few auditions, but I was hopeless,’’ he said.

“So, through process of elimination, I found that the comedy world was a world where all the things where I’d had a problem with acting and singing - my voice, my mannerisms - could be an asset.’’

Alongside his television appearances in Sticky Moments with Julian Clary, sitcom Terry and Julian, All Rise for Julian Clary, Have I Got News For You and Who Do You Think You Are? he turned his feet to ballroom, coming third on Strictly Come Dancing in 2004 with Erin Boag.

Tickets to see Julian carry on camping in Swindon are available by calling 01793 524481 or through