A LANGUAGE training firm that went from a pub conversation to connecting global organisations around the world has celebrated 25 years in business.

Nicola and Rob Shimwell set up Dialogue UK Swindon, which provides language, cultural training and translation services, back in 1994.

Since opening a small office in the Shaftesbury Centre it now connects personnel at Renault, provides cultural training for BMW, and translation and language training to Enterprise Rent-a-car, the MOD’s Defence Academy in Shrivenham and Boots.

After signing Renault the company quickly expanded to its own office in Milton Road to become a national player in language training, staying ahead of the game even as technology rapidly changed.

Rob Shimwell, co- founder and head of training, said “I’m so proud to have seen our start-up develop into such a strong and successful company. We couldn’t have done it without our team of language experts and are very grateful to them.

“Things have changed so much over the years: when we started, the fax was the new-fangled invention, along with mobile phones the size of car batteries!

“We’ve embraced these changes. And because of these changes, the world is now a lot smaller, but conversely the need for international communication is much greater.”

Even though Rob believes technology enhances the company’s communication skills he said it will never replace human interaction, yet.

He said: “Machine translation, on-line training are of course massively superior to what they were. they make our lives at Dialogue easier and more efficient of course - but there is a way to go before we will be totally replaced.”

Unlike big firms relying on exporting physical goods across borders the company is also feeling more optimistic about its future trading around the world.

Rob added: “We continue to support businesses with their international trading, whether that means markets on the other side of the Channel or on the other side of the Atlantic.

“There’s a whole world out there. let us help you optimise your communication within it!”