BRIGHTER Futures scooped a Pride of Swindon Award for reaching the £2.9m Radiotherapy Appeal milestone.

The Pride of Swindon Awards were held at Steam Museum yesterday.

Catherine Newman, head of fundraising at Brighter Futures, dedicated the award to the whole town and paid tribute to fundraisers like Jill Huby, who also won an individual award.

"It feels like its an award for the whole town because without them there's no way we would have reached £2.9m.

"It's dedicated to the whole town and everyone battling cancer, and those that sadly haven't made the journey but are still with us in spirit.

"Jill has been an amazing fundraiser for us, she's so determined to keep helping us on all our appeals.We are a small team so without our volunteers we would be lost."

Sharing the sentiment of many who spoke about Swindon's overlooked positive side, she added: "I'm super proud of Swindon, I think the town has shown the whole country how its done.

"When we all come together around something positive we can create amazing change so I think the whole town should be really proud of what they have achieved.

"It's incredible what the town can do so we should be really proud of ourselves."