CAMPAIGNERS who want a second referendum on leaving the European Union will head to London on Saturday to take part in a people’s march.

Two bus loads of Swindonians will join the hundreds of thousands expected on the streets of the capital to call on Westminster to give them another vote on Brexit.

Steve Rouse, of the Swindon For Europe Campaign organised the buses to take locals to the march, he said he was feeling optimistic about the day: “I think the turn out has been quite good. Swindon is quite a Brexit-y town but we’ve managed to load a 94 seater double decker bus and now had to order a second 49 seater coach to keep up with demand.

“And that’s just the people who are coming with us, I’ve met a lot of people who are heading by train or staying in London for the weekend.”

He said: “I think it is going to be big. I also think it is going to be a timely reminder for Mrs May and the Brexiteers that not everyone wants Brexit, not everyone wants to ‘just get on with it’ and jump of a cliff. The march itself is going to be amazing, these marches can be like a huge carnival, with music, dancing and poetry. Some people are even making their own costumes.”

Fellow campaigner Sam Hollings said he was joining the march to break the deadlock in parliament: “We are hoping to achieve a lot, a second referendum is the only way to fix the impasse in parliament. We need an injection of democracy to let us decide between May’s deal, no deal or remaining.

“I don’t see why May is so against a peoples vote. If she believes the people still want Brexit let them vote for it now we know the whole picture.”