When Mandy Winters brings her show to town the first thing she wants to do is take a selfie with the bust of Diana Dors!

"I want to get up close for a selfie, but I don't want people to think I am a ghost. It would be funny if I was arrested,'' said Mandy.

Diana Dors: Her Story comes to Swindon's Arts Centre on April 1 and is full of anecdotes, naughty stories, and songs.

When Jason Lake, Diana Dors' son, spotted Mandy he got quite a shock as she is the spitting image of his mother. Mandy says that she has always looked like Diana, and in showbiz people are not backward in coming forward to say so.

"I met Jason in Broadstairs about 13 years ago and he said then that I looked like his mother. He had never met me until that day, it was uncanny. We became friends and now when people see us together they think we are sister and brother,'' said Mandy. "We have a strong communication, it's spooky and people do a double take.''

With Jason's endorsement Mandy has now created a whole show around Diana.

It is not a tribute to the star, it is the story of the Swindon actress who, Mandy feels, does not get the recognition she deserves.

"Many people don't know that she was a singer. I sing her songs and I have used a bit of artistic licence singing a couple of songs I think she would have been good at. I don't wear a wig, I platinum up and glam up.'' said Mandy. "The fans love her and I try to do her justice.''

When she was doing research for the show, Mandy's mentors and friends of Diana included Leapy Lee and Jess Conrad.

Diana, whose real name was Diana Fluck, lived in Marlborough Road, Swindon. She got into London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art at 14-years-old and two years later was signed to the Rank organisation, beginning her career in films and her tempestuous love life.

"Diana did love a lot, Jason's the same, he loves to love and I'm actually the same. I think she became stronger through her life. If she had seen off cancer and gone on, how huge she could have become,'' said Mandy.

Being born into an entertainment family mean't it was inevitable that Mandy would become an entertainer. Her grandfather was in silent movies, playing percussion and drums, and then in big bands. Her mother studied music in Milan and was a soprano, and her father was a crooner, who could also yodel. He appeared on the TV talent show Opportunity Knocks as the Yodelling Cowboy. Mandy is one of the few female yodelers in the UK.

Previously the singer had created a show around Dolly Parton, which was so successful that TV's Big Brother asked her to into the Big Brother house to do a song.

"They wanted me in there to sing Nine to Five. So there I was in black leather and rhinestones sat waiting to go on, at 5.30am.''

The actress/singer has also supported a number of top comedians including Mike Reid, Jim Davidson and Bobby Davro.

Mandy says that the story of Diana's life reflects the way her own life has played out. "The show is intimate, interactive, and I say it for real.''

Tickets to see Diana Dors: Her Story in the Old Town theatre are available from 01793 524481 or visit www.swindontheatres.co.uk - Flicky Harrison