A COALITION of manufacturing staff from across the UK and Europe is determined to make a statement when the Honda march takes place in Swindon on Saturday.

The Save Honda campaign, organised by Unite and backed by the Adver, will march through the town in a bid to help save least 3,500 jobs that will be lost if the plant closes in 2021.

Unite union rep Andy Foster told the Adver workers in solidarity are expected to head over from the continent.

“It’s a big march because it could be turning point for manufacturing in this country,” he said.

“There will be a presence from the likes of Jaguar and BMW. If it does happen with Honda, will that be the catalyst for everyone else to go?”

The march will not just have workers on the shop floor, but managers and workers in companies further down the supply chain.

“The workers – they know that they need to make a statement,” he added. “But part of our negotiating group includes managers and they’ve embraced all that we’re doing.

“Previously they have been reserved, but this time there’s none of that. They are behind it 110 per cent.

“It isn’t a particular groups of workers, it’s the whole lot that’s going to be affected.”

Now the campaign needs more public support from individuals and businesses in Swindon who could all see the knock-on-effect of the closure.

Andy added: “It’s not 3,500 people - people need to get that number out of their heads.

“We’ve got suppliers throughout the country coming down. There’s suppliers in North Wales, the Midlands, and I would hope we get some ordinary people from Swindon because it if goes they will feel the pinch as well.

“The impact will be on the cafes, pubs, you name it.

“I think people have already resigned themselves to defeat - it might not work but it is not a done deal,” he said.

“We have always risen to the challenge, and the workers have always done what is needed for the benefits of the company, and to build a quality product.”

The march will start at 11:00 from Swindon Town FC before winding its way towards GWR park, Faringdon Road, where there will key speakers, including Unite secretary Len McCluskey, children’s entertainment and food stalls from around 12.30.

To sign up go to the #SaveHondaSwindon Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/2258617220887948/