WORK will start on the next set of homes to be built by the borough council’s wholly-owned housing company.

Six houses in Sparcells Drive, are to be built, and then sold on the open market, with the money realised being used to fund council services.

As part of the development, the housing company will replace and upgrade the adjacent play area by adding new age-appropriate equipment.

Russell Holland, Swindon Borough Council cabinet member for finance, said: “The Sparcells Drive development is exactly the sort of scheme we want to see taken forward by the council’s housing company and I am really pleased we will soon see these homes begin to take shape.

“Our pilot house building project at Euclid Terrace was a benchmark for the types of well-designed, good quality homes we want to build and these properties will be no different. The scheme will also benefit the local community with the improvements to the local play area.

“The homes will be sold on the open market, bringing in an income to the council and enabling us to keep providing services for local people at a time when we continue to face considerable financial pressures.”

It is the second scheme by the housing company to reach the construction stage this month, with work to build 14 adaptable bungalows in Pilgrim Close, Shaw, also to get underway shortly.

The only houses built so far with the company’s involvement are some in Euclid terrace near the council’s civic offices, but those were begun before the company was set up.

It has been criticised for costing £400,000 so far without a brick laid.