SHOPPERS and office workers in Dorcan will know that as soon as any rain falls, a number of the car parking spaces in the Morrison’s superstore car park become unusable.

Due to the slope of the car park away from the shop down towards the entrance to the car park off Dorcan Way, water pools against the kerb - and with nowhere for the water to escape about eight parking spaces are soon under water.

In a recent spell of very heavy rain the entire line of spaces resembled more a small lake than a car park.

Now, the supermarket has confirmed that work will start soon to sort the problem that occurs anytime there is rain heavier than the lightest shower.

A wire barrier has been put up around the row of parking spaces against the entrance, many of which are covered in mud and detritus that has been washed into them by the rain that accumulates there.

Inside there is a small digger and a short length of pipe indicating a culvert is to be constructed at the bottom corner of the car park, where the water is deepest, when it floods, to allow the water to escape onto Dorcan Way and to flow away.

There is no confirmation of how long the work will take, but it seems likely the car park will soon be better constructed to handle the onset of April showers, and the British summer.