BEAT bobbies will showcase their work via social media this month.

The Wiltshire force is launching a month-long campaign, On the Beat, aimed at lifting the curtain on the work done and pressures faced by its officers in Swindon and the wider county.

Supt Adrian Burt said: “We will also be explaining more about the huge demands on our police service, how the public can help and support us, and how we are working to modernise our police force and respond to the realities of increasing demands but tightening budgets.

“Make sure you are following us on social media – both the Wiltshire Police main accounts but also your localised team accounts – as well as signing up for Community Messaging, so you are up to date with all the relevant information about local policing in your area.”

Angus Macpherson, police and crime commissioner, said he planned to use the campaign to detail the pressures facing the force.

"It's difficult to manage public expectations when we are limited by funding," he added.