The Labour party has promised 50 policies to "transform Swindon" if it wins the local elections and takes control in Euclid Street.

The party has published its manifesto for the elections to Swindon Borough Council - and its flagship policies include a £2m fund to support workers at Honda and the company's supply chain, the recruitment of more council enforcement officers and funding for more PCSOs to tackle anti-social behaviour. The party says it will also build 1,000 new council houses in the next five years, bring children's centres back and try to spend its money with businesses in Swindon and Wiltshire wherever possible

Group leader Coun Jim Grant, who hopes to be moving into the council leader's office soon after May 3 said: "Swindon is a great place to live and work. But in recent years Swindon Borough Council has lacked vision and direction and has ceased to act as a council should.

"Under the Conservatives, police cuts mean crime is rising; the council closed all of its children’s centres, putting children at risk of harm according to Ofsted; it has overseen a housing and homelessness crisis with not enough council houses built; the town centre remains in dire need of regeneration; while recycling rates are falling and crime is on the rise.

"In short, Swindon deserves better than this."

The manifesto says that recycling rates will jump from 38 per cent to 60 per cent and more solar panels will be installed on council-owned buildings and sites.

The increased numbers of enforcement officers will be directed to police residents' parking areas in particular to ensure drivers from outside the area are not taking all the parking.

Betting and fast food shops may be hit by changes to licensing and planning policies to prevent them "dominating the street scene".

The Labour group also promises investment in Coate Water park and to bring more festivals and open air events to the borough's open spaces.

The full manifesto is available at/