THOSE caught smoking at Great Western Hospital can expect a stern warning - over the airwaves.

Managers at the Swindon hospital, which went smoke-free on January 1, plan to install speakers around the hospital site.

If staff see someone lighting-up outside the hospital, they can arrange to have a pre-recorded message played on the speakers, reminding them it is a no-smoking site.

Stephanie Taylor, chairman of the hospital's smokefree working group, said: “We understand just how hard giving up smoking can be and do all we can to support patients, visitors and staff with their journey to quit.

“Some people still choose to smoke on site and we will be approaching smokers with smoking cessation cards to raise awareness of stop smoking support.

“We hope that new signage and an annunciator will also help to remind visitors that they are on a smoke free site."

Public Health England has rated GWH green for its commitment to going smoke-free.