SCARECROWS of all shapes and sizes returned to the streets of Highworth this week.

The ever-popular scarecrow trail saw residents out and about around the town to spot 46 different heroes and villains from history and popular culture.

Very few people manage to correctly guess what each and every scarecrow is supposed to be - previous years have had hundreds of forms completed by eagle-eyed entrants with only a handful that were 100 per cent right - but the challenge is part of the fun.

Miriam Weisinger has organised the annual event with Jane Dobson for the last five years and makes her own scarecrows just in time for the Easter school holidays to start.

Miriam said: "It's so nice to see people of all ages going around Highworth and hear them chattering away, whether its families, big groups of 10, or older residents, it's been really busy and this trail gets the town moving.

"There are a few traditional scarecrows of real people - one of mine is of the heroine Emmeline Pankhurst - while other people have gone for fictional characters like the villainous Voldemort, there's a great mixture.

"The weather wasn't great on the first day but that didn't stop people coming out, it's good to see that they really enjoy it and look forward to it. This is the first time in 11 years that we've increased the price of the sheets, by just 50p, though we've had no complaints because where else can you get a fun day out with the kids for so little money?"

All the printing of the sheets is done by a local business so all the costs are covered and all proceeds from the sales of the scoresheets can go towards local youth groups. Over the years, the trail has raised more than £5,000 for the Highworth Scouts, Beavers and Cubs.

Every year, one lucky resident is awarded for creating the town's favourite scarecrow., with smaller prizes for the runners-up, and a cash prize for the clever clogs who correctly guesses all of the scarecrows on the trail.

The scarecrow trail continues until April 22. Trail sheets cost £2.50 and can be bought from the Lighthouse Bookshop, Allen and Harris, the Goldfinger, and the Saracen's Head.