MOTORISTS and industry experts gathered at Swindon's National Trust HQ to test-drive futuristic hydrogen-powered cars.

The Hydrogen Hub, local car leasing firm Arval and the town's Hyundai dealership brought eight of the 100 such cars available in the UK for guests to admire

Paul Marchment from Arval said: "Swindon is always at the cutting edge of transport technology and this is continuing its legacy. The railways were cutting edge 150 years ago and now it's an important part of hydrogen power - it's the only place in the UK outside London that has more than one hydrogen station. It's really important for people to see them and experience them in person because it helps them understand and appreciate the technology better. Everyone was really engaged in the talks, enjoyed seeing the cars and asked lots of questions.

"We work with businesses and car dealerships around Swindon to create a community of people who are passionate about this tech, know how it works and want to spread the word and have more hydrogen cars here."

Dr Clare Jackson from the Hydrogen Hub said: "We're getting a lot more interest in this technology now, especially compared to three years ago, which is hugely encouraging, and the hub is working with different industries that have a common goal: be sustainable."

The Arval Hydrogen Roadshow will now make its way to Oxford, Leeds, Birmingham and London.