A ZERO waste store will launch in Old Town tomorrow night.

On the menu will be quinoa, rice, muesli and even pasta. The twist? You’ll have to bring your own container – or funnel the tasty dried goods into paper bags.

Called Nude Foods, the pop-up store will stock up to 60 dried foods, including wholegrain rice, raw nuts and yoghurt-coated dried fruit.

The store will launch tomorrow night with a special event at The Core café.

It has been developed by Swindon Zero Waste Initiative, together with owner of The Core Kris Talikowski.

Lesley Chandler of the Swindon Zero Waste Initiative, said: “In recent years people have become even more aware that our use of plastics is having a detrimental impact on the environment.

“While recycling schemes are in place to tackle some of this waste, a large majority ends up in landfill or oceans around the world. We want to do our bit to save the planet and so a zero waste not-for-profit shop felt like a great first step.”

Nude Foods will be at The Core, Devizes Road.

In order to take items away, shoppers should bring their own containers. Anything from takeaway tubs and plastic containers to glass jam jars can be filled at the store.

For more, visit: www.facebook.com/pg/SwiZwi.