Sheila Attwater (UKIP)

“My name is Sheila Attwater and am now aged 77.

I was born in London and after school worked for five years in a literary agency, before marrying my first husband, a Shropshire farmer.

“I have two children, a son of 51 and a daughter of 47.

“My second husband and I moved to Swindon six years ago and really enjoy the area and facilities.

“I have had various part-time secretarial jobs and enjoy meeting new people.

“If successful I would do my very best to represent those who elected me.”

Steph Exell (Labour)

“I am a hard-working local councillor and have a track record for getting things done, listening to local people and raising issues that matter to them with the council.

“I have worked with residents across the ward to present petitions to the council about issues such as the sale of open spaces, traffic problems, protecting local youth services, loss of a school crossing patrol officer and pedestrian safety.

“I will fight for local residents to protect and enhance their local services and community.

“Working together in a strong partnership has been vital to achieve the successful outcomes that residents want to see.

“If elected, I will ensure that the traffic and parking issues in Rodbourne and Westlea and the protection of green spaces in Toothill continue to be top priorities.”

John Lenton (Conservative)

“I have lived in Swindon for 16 years and work in the security industry.

“Previously in the armed force, I served in many conflict zones.

“I was elected to West Swindon Parish Council in 2017.

“A member of the planning and environment committee, I am very hands-on in keeping the area clean and green. As a member of the finance and staffing committee I have been ensuring value-for-money contracts for Streetsmart and grounds maintenance.

“This has given me the chance to deal with many residents’ issues and to see the challenges that face the council.

“Swindon is lucky to have the outlet village and the planned Snow centre development but we need to improve roads, particularly through this ward. I will prioritise residents’ needs during detailed traffic planning.”

Fraser McCormick (Liberal Democrats)

“I’m a self-employed games developer, I moved down to Swindon from Edinburgh in 2010 and live with my wife Zoe and our two

children. Education is always at the forefront of issues that I support

“We need to recognise that economic, social and environmental issues cannot be separated from each other and that the future of Swindon lies in attracting and supporting clean, environmentally friendly industries to the area.

“To make Swindon a more integrated town, work on cycleways and footpaths needs to continue with a focus of alleviating congestion and parking issues.”