PLANS to renovate Stratton's main leisure centre have changed after residents expressed concerns about the bar area.

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council chose to partner with Parkwood at the end of year-long discussions with different leisure centres to find out which would be the best option for them.

Parkwood executives faced questions from two packed-out public consultations at Grange Leisure from residents who expressed concern at the centre becoming too gym-focused at the expense of its uses as a community hub. The fate of the bar area became a hot topic as plans for renovations to the centre suggested that it would be replaced with a cafe offering a smaller selection of alcoholic beverages.

A parish council spokeswoman said: "The main Grange bar will be closing and alterations will be made to open this up with the reception area to include soft play and a community café-bar so that it becomes a more family friendly space. Parkwood have taken into consideration the comments from the public, which were mainly residents from the bar. They have adapted some of their plans and will be bringing these along to the Annual Assembly at Grange Leisure on April 30 from 6.30pm."

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