A SWINDON YouTuber standing for UKIP in the upcoming European Parliament elections used a controversial chatroom website to help organise support for his MEP campaign.

Carl Benjamin, better known by his social media moniker Sargon of Akkad, invited his YouTube followers to help him plan his campaign through website Discord.

Among the posts on the chatroom were anti-Semitic messages and discussion about murdering MEPs, news website Buzzfeed reported.

Announcing his candidacy to his one million YouTube subscribers last week, Mr Benjamin invited those living in the south west who were interested in becoming activists for his campaign to join a private area of the Discord website where they could discuss the political drive. The link no longer appears to work.

According to Buzzfeed, some of the messages posted within the server – or section of the Discord website – that Mr Benjamin promoted to his followers actively incited violence against MEPs.

One website user posted: “Maybe start assassinating f****** Eurocrats, preferably the unelected ones on top. But alas. That would be murder. And be wrong. Totally.”

Another replied: “We should strip them of their humanity first. If they're not recognised as humans, it's not murder.” They added: “First step is forcing them to wear some kind of branding on their clothes.”

A third said: “So we decapitate the parliament members?”

On March 11, it was said one user posted a deeply offensive anti-Semitic slur and another apparently advocating genocide.

Some of the comments were later deleted. Mr Benjamin told Buzzfeed: "There are over 12,000 members of the Athens server. We are concerned about alt-right infiltration, and we have moderators who remove unsavoury contributors who make statements endorsing the far-right. Due to the size of the server, some comments are missed by our moderation team.

"These comments are always removed, and the entire 'investigation' by Buzzfeed is clearly a political attack on my candidacy."

In a video later posted to Mr Benjamin’s Sargon of Akkad YouTube channel, the UKIP MEP hopeful accused Buzzfeed of a smear campaign.

“It’s almost like this is entirely and cynically designed to try and hurt my candidacy,” he said.

Mr Benjamin has recently hit the headlines over a 2016 tweet directed towards Labour MP Jess Philips in which he is said to have told her “I wouldn’t even rape you”. UKIP leader Gerard Batten described the comments as satire.

Robert Buckland, MP for South Swindon and Solicitor General, said: “To equate this deeply offensive and threatening tweet with satire is just wrong.”

Sarah Church, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for South Swindon, added: “Freedom of speech is not an absolute right when it threatens the safety of other people.”