A GOLDEN winning ticket sent to lucky residents in Toothill and Freshbrook has entered them into a draw to claim a maximum £400,000 prize.

The People’s Postcode Lottery announced that Swindon won the monthly Postcode Millions prize draw earlier this week.

A number of lucky players in the SN5 8 postcode could take home the lion share of the £3m pot. The maximum share, depending on the number with a winning full postcode, will be £400,000.

Now many residents have had a golden letter in the post saying they have won a minimum of £1,000. They will know if they hit the jackpot at an event at Lydiard Park on April 27 at 11am.

Becky Chester-Watts told the Adver: “This is probably going to be the biggest thing I’ve won. I’ve only ever won raffles before.

“I got bit overexcited and messaged them and they replied and said everyone in that SN5 8 postcode is guaranteed to get £1,000, but could be more.

“I only started doing it in October last year. I don’t do the lottery or anything, this is nice and easy.

“I don’t even check the results and it was my step sister who actually sent me a link to the livestream on Facebook of them revealing the winning postcode.

“If I won big I would pay my house off, if I get a £1,000 I’ll probably have a family holiday abroad before my son goes to school next year.”

Her envelope contained a message with an invite to Lydiard Park, with two wristbands, one silver for a guest and another with the words “neon blue” written on.

Becky guessed she might not have won big though.

“My presumption would be you’re banded, and the person that matches that exact code gets a big win, then the further you are to that number it goes down by how much you win,” she said.

“If you’re the only one in the street you get the bigger amount I guess. I know there are a least two others in my street.”

Last month the draw landed in Fareham which saw four people get a top prize of £250,000 each.

The lottery raises money for worthy causes using minimum of 32 per cent of tickets to go towards charity.

Local charities in Swindon have benefited, including Pennyhooks Farm Trust, which got £7,429 in 2017 to create conservation areas to help autistic students be more independent.