JON Ellis doesn't need to put out his empty bottles for the bin collection - he recycles them into decorative lights.

The Covingham man, started his small business four months ago after watching Money for Nothing, a programme teaching people how to transform unwanted things into valuable pieces.

He said: “This programme really inspired me to start this new project.

“I started over Christmas as a hobby, I just wanted to make some extra money, but it has now tuned into a small business.”

The 38-year-old man who worked in pubs and hotels has been collecting hundreds of spirit bottles from various places to give them a new lease of life.

“I turn empty and unwanted spirit bottles into beautiful lights that would grace any table,” Jon said.

“I get bottles from a few places especially from the Royal Oak in Old town which is a gin bar. I get a lot from there.

“I started the business mainly this January and work from my garden shed. I sold some to friends and family and this is how it started.

“My brother has helped me get the website sorted and I received plenty of advice from my family and friends.

“I’d like to say I’m a little bit creative but it’s not taking me too long to make them, I just need to make sure that the bottle is clean and then put the lights in.

“Anyone could do it but some of my bottles are rare in that you can’t buy them in shops or supermarkets. I’ve not seen any centrepiece with bottles like mine.”

But Jon, who started from scratch, with no previous experience faced several challenges.

“I learnt how to start up a business and what it takes to get started.

"The main challenge is to get recognised and have people hire or buy my bottles.

“For anyone who wants to start a new business, you need to know the market you want to go in, don’t be afraid of any knock backs and just go for it.”

He recently gained the support of local businesses, including Willoughby and Wolf bridal boutique in Marlborough, which has promoted his work across the area.

“It makes me feel really proud that other companies are on board with what I’m doing and willing to showcase my bottles to their customers,” he said.

What Jon appreciates the most is to see the reaction his bottles make for bridal couple.

He added:” I would like to earn from it eventually but I’m happy to do this alongside a normal job though.”

This business is also an opportunity for Jon to promote recycling by reusing glass bottles and giving them a new purpose instead of dumping them.

People in Swindon can purchase or hire his bottle for any event or wedding.

For further information visit:, email or call 07890299303