CHANGE UK, the new party made up of former Labour and Conservative MPs, launched its European Parliament election campaign in Bristol this week.

But they will have to campaign without the help of current MEP star Julie Girling.

The south west European Parliament member, who left the Conservative Party over her anti-Brexit stance, had joined the Independent Group earlier this year. However, in a statement, Ms Girling said she would not be joining the party, Change UK, created by the Independent Group.

She said: “I have been following the online debate about how to maximise the ‘remain vote’ in the coming European elections with increasing dismay.

“I have decided to simplify the decision for the large numbers of constituents who have pledged their support to me personally by not accepting a place on the candidates list for Change UK.

“I would encourage my supporters to vote for candidates who have a proven record in the European Parliament and represent a party with a clear pro second referendum pledge.”

She thanked constituents for their support over the decade she has been an MEP.

The European Parliament elections are on May 23.