A UKIP candidate from Swindon has defended the use of racial slurs in a social media video.

Carl Benjamin, who lives in Peatmoor, is said to have called an Asian person a “ch***” and used the N-word in the 2015 video.

The footage is said to have been removed from YouTube, where it was originally posted, before being republished by another account. It sees Mr Benjamin commentate over an anti-discrimination video.

Sky News, which obtained the footage, said an Asian woman in the original video said it was unacceptable to use the term “ch***”.

Mr Benjamin is said to have replied: “You lose! It's actually fine. It's actually just f****** fine and I'll tell you why. Because Asians are privileged."

He goes on to say: "So f*** off, ch***, it's okay for me to call you this because racism is power plus prejudice."

The UKIP candidate, who has a huge following on social media sites like YouTube under his moniker Sargon of Akkad, told Sky News he would not talk about the video or previous comments.

"I've got a huge audience. If people want to go see them they can go watch them on my channel and see the context of them for themselves,” he said.

"Personally, I find racist jokes funny."

Mr Benjamin also told the broadcaster: "I tell you what. They can go and have a cry, and when they've collected themselves and they're ready to talk like an adult about the issues and not bring up things that they think might be offensive and spread them around the country to people who might be offended by them, then we can have a sensible conversation about the issues."

'Can't handle banter'

Asked if he had any further comment to prospective consituents, including communities of Asian origin, Mr Benjamin told the Swindon Advertiser: "I think it is disgraceful that the Swindon Advertiser would ignore the significant cultural distinctions between Chinese, Nepalese and other patriotic South Asian communities here in Swindon.

"Not only that, but to think they can't handle banter is to infantilise them to the point where it appears that the Advertiser is carrying on the white man's burden instead of treating these communities like full and equal citizens. I will not stand idly by while the comedy police continue to suck the joy out of public life in this country. 

"I disavow the Swindon Advertiser." 

Campaign launch

On Monday, the UKIP candidate visited Swindon town centre as part of his European election campaign.

Speaking to the Advertiser, he called for a swifter Brexit, took aim at “identity politics” and suggested more devolution of power to regions could help boost accountability.

Addressing a 2016 tweet, in which he told Labour MP Jess Phillips “I wouldn’t even rape you”, Mr Benjamin urged voters: “Ask yourself why you care about some guy you don’t know and what he did on Twitter. And ask yourself what else you are being distracted from when you talk about this. Because you’re being led by the nose about an issue that is three-years-old and makes no difference to anything.”