A SWINDON-born fitness trainer who was Michael Jackson’s bodyguard will hit back at sex abuse claims made against the singer in an exclusive documentary to be aired on Amazon Prime next month.

Matt Fiddes, who now lives near Royal Wootton Bassett, was Jackson’s bodyguard for ten years and strongly refutes the allegations.

He is to appear in the documentary alongside fellow defenders of the star, including actor Mark Lester and biographer Mike Smallcombe.

The move comes after the release of Leaving Neverland, a documentary in which two men - Wade Robson and James Safechuck - who spent time at the ranch in California say they were sexually abused by the singer. Matt countered that it would be ‘impossible’ for the accusers to have been abused given the number of security guards and staff on duty at Neverland at the time.

In a post on Instagram, Matt wrote: “I went to film a documentary to be shown on Amazon which points out the facts in @ michaeljackson life that have been incorrectly portrayed recently.

“As part of his and many other superstars’ security detail, I explain how it is near on impossible for anyone to get past staff and the security in place.

“Fans could not get past us and would go to extreme levels to meet Michael. And Michael was never alone when travelling with his friends/family/nannies in tow and many other members of the entourage!

“I hope I have cleared up the myths and explained how Michael was protected like the president with over 150 staff including 100 security guards at anyone time at Neverland alone.

“It’s nice to see in this documentary the people who he spent time with giving their unbiased view, correcting timelines and interviewing experts on his legal cases. He was a very generous man, helping people and raising millions for charity, but unfortunately when you are one of the biggest stars in the world, you are also one of the biggest targets.”