FOUR coach loads of football fans reportedly caused 'chaos' when they piled into an Oxfordshire pub yesterday on their way to a game.

The dozens of Notts County supporters crammed into the Wheatsheaf pub in Faringdon on their way to Swindon.

One terrified shop owner said one of them set off a 'smoke bomb' in front of her window.

After someone called the police, officers turned up in three cars and a van to keep the peace.

Geoff Robins, who runs the Wheatsheaf on London Street, posted on Facebook last night that the group caused 'minor chaos' and confirmed that police were called 'because of smoke bombs being fired in London Street'.

Swindon Advertiser:


He wrote: "As many of your know 4 coach loads of Notts County Supporters turned up at The Wheatsheaf earlier today before heading to Swindon Town FC County Ground, they turned up totally out of the blue, no pre-booking etc.

"They created minor chaos, no violence. Thank you to Thames Valley Police& Wiltshire Police from The Wheatsheaf Team."

However, many locals said they were glad to see the town busy and the football fans having fun.

Michelle Uzzell wrote: "It was good 2 c the town busy and people having fun. They didn't bother me & my client's & most of it as rite outside my salon. Didn't think we needed that many police thow."

John Vickers joked: "Of course they're gunna turn up unannounced - who's going to take bookings for 150 football fans. They paid for the booze and I bet the pubs took a killing in the little time they where aswell, no complaints there."

John Williams said some of the group went into the Crown pub in the market place and added: "Great guys, no trouble."

Thames Valley Police confirmed it went to the pub with officers from Wiltshire Police at about 1pm 'after a large number of football supporters had arrived there on coaches going to the game'. 

Spokesman Gareth Ford-Lloyd added: "There was some minor disruption but the fans moved on when the coaches left at about 2pm."

He said Thames Valley Police did not make any arrests.

Notts County FC were defeated 3-1 by Swindon.