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Accept the results and get going on Brexit

A LETTER writer states it was ‘brilliant’ to that three letters were published last week (all of them by remain campaigners who refuse to accept the democratic vote in 2016).

All they actually wrote about was a rehash of their letters from week to week, month to month on a subject which could have been resolved with a couple of months if Theresa May were not PM.

I see the same people writing week after week, month after month.

When I was down in Plymouth reading their local letters pages found the very same letters from the very same people who had written in to the Western Daily Press.

These people must lead the most boring of lives, trying to sow discord against the will of the people.

Anyone in doubt about the will of the people only need to watch this week’s Question Time to see the shock on the faces of Caroline Lucas and Vince Cable when they were shown the will of the people and these ardent remainers didn’t like what they saw.

The British people have had enough and we don’t even need Vince Cable’s skewered suggestion of a second confirmatory referendum, we are in fact now having one on the May 23, courtesy of May’s blundering.

Stuart Eels, John Aubrey Close, Yatton Keynell, Chippenham

Developers need to think about blind people

I am blind and I have been informed about the Oakfield project which is to build 239 homes.

I understand that plans have been submitted. While I applaud the reasons behind the project I would like to make objections and insist that people suffering with sight loss have their say in the designs of Oakfield.

It seems from the design concept that large areas of the project re of a shared space design which is not conducive to people suffering with sight loss and could be owners of a house on the project.

People suffering with sight loss and especially guide dog owners use kerbs to orientate themselves on their journey, without kerbs this will NOT be able to happen and they would get lost.

Please could you revisit your designs and change them in order that all roads have kerbs and there is also a kerb if cycle paths are on the design, this is to ensure there is clear delineation of the footpath and the cycle path.

Alan and Shirley Fletcher, Godwin Road, Stratton

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