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I love my country and we can do better

I THOUGHT perhaps I should write to explain why I am all in favour of Brexit.

This in the light of some criticism that appeared in the paper in answer to my previous letters.

I am so very proud to be British and proud of my country’s achievements.

So that is one of the reasons for leaving the corrupt EU. I know we, and I do mean all of us, can do better going it alone. God knows we have done it enough times in the history of our country.

I do not advocate that we are so much better than other nation but just that we have slightly different views on how, why and when we do things, and we should be allowed to do these things our way – not be told by what appears to be a corrupt dictatorship that leads the thinking in the EU.

There are many others in the EU that have doubts, but they do not have the British way of coming out and telling them they are wrong. One of the reasons is that they know that due to the hierarchy of the EU it will never change anything.

So we go it alone yet again. The biggest problem would appear to be that we have hardly any politicians with a backbone. They are all thinking of themselves and not of the people and the country – a sort of ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude. Who knows, perhaps Nigel Farage`s new party will change all that. He does appear to be honest and genuine.

All these people who have criticised my letters, of course they are entitled to their views.

That’s what a free democracy is all about. I am glad they put their views forward. It’s their right. The fact that I do not agree with them is irrelevant. The most important thing is to make our country a leader again. I believe we have the technical ability and the entrepreneurs and hard-headed businessmen and women to make this all happen.

You must ask yourself why do the EU not want to let us go? Is it `cos they love us so much. Or is it another reason? £350 each week would seem a pretty good reason for keeping us in the EU. It would at least help pay for the expenditure of the permanent people at the top of the EU. Jean-Claude Juncker, for example, gets £33,000 as a salary every month. Not bad for an upstart is it. Did you ever hear of him before he got his job? And no, we are not going to spend £350 billion on the NHS. Yes, it would be nice if we could but its just not practical. It has to be used for lots of other things when and if we leave, things that will benefit us all.

So I don’t mind you picking holes in my letters, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Me? I just love my country! I know we can do better than this! And I know that the population of this sceptered isle deserve more than this.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Setting the record straight on terrorism

I WAS surprised to say the least to read Des Morgan’s latest letter ‘Highlighting persecution of Christians in world’ (Advertiser, May 2).

Des said he found it interesting that neither Martin Topping or myself condemned the killing and persecution of Christians. I have in the past on these very pages, which I’m sure Des must have read, condemned all forms of terrorism and violence. I’m happy to put Des’ mind at rest and place on record again that violence, terrorism and discrimination has no place in society whatsoever.

I hope my friend Des takes this on board so as not to ask the same question again.

Mark Webb, Old Town, Swindon

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