The Studio

Roundway Farm House, Roundway, Devizes

Until June 29

A TRIO of Wiltshire photographers who have admired each other's work for some time have joined forces to set up what they hope with become a creative hub for art photographers across the county.

They have opened with beginnings, an exhibition of what they describe as 'an eclectic collection of fine art photographs', showcasing their own work.

Clive Carpenter, from Pewsey, Paul Timlett, from Salisbury and Alan Cowley, who is based at Roundway Farm House near Devizes where their studio is, hope the venture will allow other practicioners to display their work, share ideas and maybe even collaborate on future projects.

"I was a professional photographer in South Africa for some time, then got into IT and left it all," explained Clive. "Around 2000 I went back to it full time as fine art photography.

"Alan is a longstanding landscape photographer, mainly working in black and white, and we have known Paul and his work for some time.

"The Studio was part of the Marlborough Open Studios and Alan said he wanted to develop it for photographers to create a hub for Wiltshire.

"We had discussions and then decided to have a combined exhibition to launch it.

"It is called beginnings because it is the start of something new.

"We are all three interested in art photography, but we would not object to someone commercial having an exhibition providing it was based on art and not just promoting their own work.

"We want to showcase people who are interested in developing photography as an art form, and we hope to have workshops and that sort of thing in the future."

beginnings is open at The Studio at Roundway, near Devizes, on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday through May and June from 12 noon-4pm, when one of the trio will be on hand to talk to visitors and especially any interested photographers about their work and the concept.

It can also be seen by arrangement: to visit at any other time email, or