A bake sale in aid of Bone Cancer Research Trust was the latest ingredient in a campaign to raise awareness of Ewing's Sarcoma.

Chloë Venton, now 16, was diagnosed with this rare type of bone cancer just over a year ago. She was joined by members of her family at New College on May 10 as part of their campaign to increase awareness and help stop other families from going through their experience.

"The campaign is going well, and a lot of people were surprised, when they stopped to chat, that they hadn't heard of Ewing’s Sarcoma," said Chloë’s mum, Joanne Venton.

The family raised just short of £60 on Friday.

"Every penny counts!" added Joanne.

"It’s good to get the message out there and raise awareness," she said.

“It’s the kind of thing that if you catch it early, then you have a higher chance of getting better. This is Chloë’s wish, to raise awareness. If there had been more awareness, we would have got our diagnosis sooner,” Joanne added.