TWO Old Town races switched from plastic to compostable cups to reduce the events' environmental impact.

The 1,000 cups used by up to 500 runners at water stations around the Commonweal Five Mile and the Lethbridge 10k will biodegrade naturally.

The Commonweal event happened on Sunday at the Commonweal School playing field with elite, club and recreational runners taking part.

All proceeds are used to provide extra resources to support and enhance pupils’ educational experience at the school.

Waitrose & Partners Swindon supported the event by donating bananas for runners at the end of the race and three members of staff helped out at the race’s water station located opposite the store on Foxham Way.

The supermarket donated gift voucher swhich were presented as prizes to participants.

Race director Roger Bryan said: “The Commonweal 5 Mile has been partnered with Waitrose since the store opened in 2014 and we are mirroring their efforts to reduce the use of plastic.

"The compostable cups being used this year will biodegrade in a composting facility within 12 weeks.”

The Lethbridge 10k organised by Friends of Lethbridge Primary School takes place on Wednesday June 12 at 7.30pm from Croft Sports Centre.

To sign up to enter the run, visit