Reporter Aled Thomas was the only one to notice that Swindon Borough Council proposed closing the popular Coate Water Splash Park as a cost cutting measure last year.

The paper’s story prompted a campaign from residents to save the site. It was saved from closure following the campaign.

Sarah Church, Labour’s MP hopeful in South Swindon, said: “It’s not a trivial thing – the park is crucial to many families.”

The Adver has backed major town campaigns. Weekly articles profiling the fantastic work of Brighter Futures’ fundraisers helped get the £2.9m radiotherapy appeal over the line last Christmas.

The paper backed the unions in their fight to keep Honda at the South Marston plant, with widespread coverage of the Unite march through the town.

And we have helped shine a light on the difficulties facing patients at IMH GP surgeries.

Court reporting remains an important part of what we do. Last December, the Adver was preparing to name a man charged with murdering a baby on Thresher Drive when a Swindon Borough Council PR called the newsroom to let the editors know it was going to the courts for an injunction – banning the paper from naming the murder accused.

An Adver reporter was the only one in Swindon County Court, sitting as the High Court for the occasion, to challenge the council’s right to get the gagging order. Rather than a full injunction, the order handed to the council by Judge Hess was only temporary – with the borough eventually backing down before the paper was given the chance to challenge the order.