PAVEMENT parkers are putting people’s lives at risk, a councillor has warned.

Old Town locals have complained of the ‘inconsiderate’ behaviour of drivers, with cars regularly found perched on pavements in Marlborough Road between Broome Manor and the Pipers Roundabout.

Commenting on a Facebook post that highlighted the issue, Josephine Marfleet said: “Pavements are supposed to be for pedestrians, if we started walking up the middle of the road obstructing the traffic, we would be fined for jaywalking.”

Natalina Vitale said: “I live on Broome Manor Lane and it’s an absolute nightmare. They put barriers at the top end but now it’s just caused it to go down the road and it seems so much worse than before.”

Zoe Taylor added: “Parking in Old Town is ridiculous.

“It still baffles me how so many people get away with parking on double yellow [lines].”

Borough councillor Nick Burns-Howell said he will work towards improving road marking in order to make the area safer.

He said: “There has been a rise in anti-social and sometimes quite frankly dangerous parking around Marlborough Park and on Broome Manor Lane and Marlborough Road.

“We have raised this with the large local employer, and we are working together with the borough council to explore what changes can be made to the parking restrictions in the area to provide a long-term solution.

“Many residents will have seen the temporary barriers in the local area, these have helped the council identify the potential displacement impact of any changes, and I’m keen to ensure we look at the wider area to ensure any improvements don’t have a detrimental impact on other nearby areas.

“I would ask anyone who works in the local area and is tempted to park on residential streets to find an alternative.”

One of Coun Burns-Howell’s main concerns was the safety for bus passengers near bus stops.

He said: “Think about the impact you are having when busses are unable to stop safely in the bus stop, when residents can’t get off their drives and when the rubbish lorries can’t get through.

“I would urge people to find appropriate places to park and we will continue to work tirelessly to find a long-term solution to this issue.”

The government’s transport committee is currently looking for solutions and potentially ban parking on pavements.