YOU’VE got just minutes left to get your hands on a giant poo emoji owned by TV’s Dom Joly.

The novelty itemis being auctioned off online to raise cash for the Great Western Hospital and national sleep apnoea charity Hope2Sleep.

So far, it’s raised more than £500 for the causes. And people have until mid-morning to get your bids in.

The quirky fundraiser was the result of a conversation between comedian Dom Joly, creator of Channel 4’s Trigger Happy TV, and GWH sleep nurse Samantha Backway.]

She had contacted him originally hoping he would be able to attend the hospital’s annual sleep apnoea awareness day. While he was unable to come along, he offered the unusual emoji as an auction prize instead.

Ms Backway said: “We’ll probably put the money towards diagnostic equipment and half of it’s going to Hope2Sleep.”

To get your bid in, visit: