YOUTHS' "mindless" anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, police have said.

It follows the making of a dispersal order preventing youngsters from congregating outside a Walcot community centre.

There had been reports of criminal damage and attempted burglaries in the area surrounding the Buckhurst Community Centre.

PCSO Phil Day, community co-ordinator for Parks and Walcot, said: “We would like to make it clear to the young people involved that their mindless behaviour and disgraceful activity will not be tolerated in any part of Swindon."

The Section 35 dispersal orders had been used to good effect in Walcot and Parks before: "It is a fantastic tool to provide respite to an area where there has been a particular issue, whilst our investigation into the matters continues.

"We hope that the local community will feel reassured by its recent use and increased police presence."

If you are worried about anti-social behaviour, call 101.