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We stand with Kate

In reply to the letter from Shirley Burnham (Candidate fights for underdogs’ interest, May 11), we echo the views of Shirley in her support of Kate Linnegar.

In recent years we have both stood with Kate and other members of the Swindon People’s Assembly in Swindon town centre handing out leaflets and speaking out against racism.

Myself and Martin have been to London with Kate on anti-racism demonstrations where Kate has marched with both pride and passion against both racism and anti-Semitism.

We think its right to say that nobody in Swindon in recent times has done more than Kate to speak out against racism, discrimination and the hostile environment created by the Tory government.

Well done Kate for speaking out against the injustice in the world and the inequalities that we have witnessed in this country since the Tories came to power.

We have known Kate for many years and for people to say she has anti-Semetic views is an insult to her and all she has stood for over many years.

Mark and Martin Webb, Old Town

Doris will be missed

I don’t suppose I can really add much to what has already been said about the wonderful Doris Day.

But from a personal perspective, she was the first artiste I can recall seeing on the big screen.

To enter the inky blackness of a North London cinema with my mum seeing Calamity Jane, which included Secret Love, a universe away, and other films.

She appeared with Frankie Laine in the first ever NME pop chart in November 1952 with the song Sugarbush.

She at one time collaborated with Johnnie Ray with Let’s Walk That-away in 1953.

During the 1980s I ran a Vintage Corner and Fifties Favourites feature on the station I worked for in the west country.

Later while Programme Organiser at BBC Wiltshire Sound I ran a similar feature and Doris Day was always very popular.

She was also a talented actress, and one film that is often overlooked is Midnight Lace which also starred Rex Harrison, a psychological film of the first order!

She will be missed as she represents the end of an era of entertainment which we will not witness again.

Alan Thompson, Swindon 105.5

Let’s get this fox seen!

I am once again in Highworth, visiting my sister. We were looking through the Highworth Link magazine, which is an interesting read.

My sister asked me whether I had seen the new fox statue as I came up from the Swindon direction, but of course I hadn’t.

I was too intent on the traffic and making sure I took the right exit. We read the article again and I made a note to take a look next time. So yesterday, returning from Swindon, I took a close look.

I’m afraid it is very disappointing.

Approaching the roundabout all I could see were the road signs, with a little glimpse of some auburn/light brown iron work. I couldn’t see what it was, even though I was especially looking.

Wouldn’t this ironwork/ statue be better placed on a plinth, outside the Old Fox pub? Or even attached to the wall of the old building? Then it be properly seen, and would mark the historic site.

Janet Steele, The Cullerns, Swindon