A PAEDOPHILE who was spared jail last year has now been stopped from doing an unpaid work order – for his own safety.

Louie Paradise was told his unusual name meant others doing community service would easily be able to search online to find out what he had done.

And if they discovered the 22-year-old had distributed movies and images of child rape, probation feared they could not protect him from others in the work


Now instead of having to do 300 hours of unpaid work, which a year after sentence he has still yet to start, he must observe a two-month night-time curfew.

Judge Robert Pawson, sitting at Swindon Crown Court, was told probation wanted the work, which would take 43 days to complete, removed from the suspended sentence.

And Ellie Fargin, prosecuting, said they were not pushing for a curfew as ‘it would not necessarily be a punishment as he doesn’t actually go out because of the conviction’.

But when the judge said he was minded to keep him in at night, Paradise, of Quentin Road, Old Town, asked him not to, saying he was trying to go out more and socialise.

He asked: “Would it not limit my rehabilitation in to the community with me being stuck indoors? I am stuck indoors with my own thoughts.”

Probation officer Claire Hyde said: “The problem is if Mr Paradise has to do unpaid work in the group setting, because of his unusual name he is potentially an easy target and it is a risk management for himself.”

Judge Pawson said “You have got a very nice surname which is uncommon. It is easily Googled and if it is Googled then probation are concerned for your safety.”

He removed the 300 hours of work and replaced it with an 8pm to 5am curfew for two months after hearing he worked from 6am to 2pm.

Paradise used Skype to pass on the vile pictures and films to other like-minded people he had met online after hunting for more material on ‘paedophile websites’.

The authorities became aware of his computer being used to share the obscene material and in April 2017 police went to his family home.

On his Apple hard drive and computer they found to have 165 pictures and movies of child abuse including 54 at the worst level – 46 of which were films.

When the Skype chats were examined it was found that he had sent out images and films to others on 24 occasions.

Paradise accepted what he had been doing with the images of children of both genders and was very sorry for what he had done.

Since his arrest the court heard he had received counselling from a psycho sexual therapist and had completed the Stop It Now modules.