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Fascists are exploiting the Brexit slogan

Steve Halden claims Martin Webb is “keen to use the word Fascist about Brexiteers ...”

There is no basis to that accusation.

Martin’s letter makes no claim that most Brexit supporters are fascist, even more than a tiny minority.

But he does draw attention to the way in which fascists are today seeking respectability and are hiding behind the Brexit slogan, exploiting it to drag their racist, women hating, diversity hating, union hating views into the mainstream.

Even the founding members of UKIP and most of its elected representatives have seen how current leader Gerrard Batten has warmly welcomed a range of vile racists into the organisation and have left.

A candidate in the south west thinks rape is a hilarious joke. Scratching the surface reveals the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and of course we have the fevered delusion that Muslims have taken over in Britain.

Mr Halden, distancing himself from UKIP’s record, suggests his concern is people being made poorer by the housing crisis.

But UKIP never campaigned over the housing crisis, supports the market system which causes it and supports austerity policies which have cut real wages and increased inequality.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

Correspondent is a union man and proud

Peter Smith says I imagine I bond myself with Rees Mogg , Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage rather than a retired building worker.

What made me laugh is that for forty four years of my working life I was a building worker, now retired.

May I remind him that 17.4 million people share my opinion. According to him all the 17.4 million who voted Brexit fly the flag for the rich.

If he thinks I fly the flag for the rich I suggest he phones up Swindon’s Unite Union office where he will find I am still a paid up member even after seven years retirement. Hardly a union that supports the rich .

I can assure him that better men than him have tried to read my mind, especially regarding union negotiations with management.

They did not succeed either .

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Selfish motorists need to think of others

I read the article in the SA about cars being parked on pavements in and around Marlborough Road.

Earlier today, I was driving to Devizes market and saw it for myself.

I cannot believe how many motorists’ were parked virtually on the pavement.

If you are disabled and in a wheelchair you wouldn’t be able to continue along on the path.

In all honesty, it’s happening all across the town.

And I’m sick to death of it. As a pedestrian, its not only parked cars you have to contend with but cyclists too.

These selfish motorists need to think of others rather than just themselves.

I urge people across the town, who experience similar problems, to complain directly to both their MP and local Councillor.

The Government need to put legislation in place, like it currently is in London, which makes it an offence to park on the pavement.

The only way to stop it is to hit motorists in the pocket with fines and points on their licence too.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

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