PUPPIES of all shapes and sizes can enter the dog show at this year’s Old Town Festival.

SNDogs is holding its annual event on June 9 at Lawns Park to boost its coffers.

There will be a range of prizes from best small dog to most alike dog and owner.

Volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens said: “We have been invited to run it for the past few years and it is one way that SNDogs can bring in some much-needed funds as well as raise the profile of the charity.

“You will get to walk around the ring with your dog and the judge will come and look at your dog and chat to you.

“Anyone can enter, and we love seeing people having fun with their dog. SNDogs will have some of our dogs there as well.

“Lots of people who have adopted dogs from us enter their dogs in the show.”

Tickets cost £2 per entry and the show will start at 1pm.

For further details visit sndogs.uk/