MORE than 1,100 businesses in Swindon can now experience superfast internet speeds after CityFibre launched its new network in the town.

The service provider partnered with Swindon-based IT solutions experts Excalibur Communications to offer internet speeds of around 100 times faster than a standard UK broadband connection to local companies big and small who are located within 200 metres of the fibre cables.

Excalibur CEO Peter Boucher said: "Poor connectivity has really held Swindon back and this new infrastructure will really help. It will also wake up the competition a bit and may prompt BT and Virgin Media to offer higher speeds. We were on 70Mbps and now we're on 970Mbps, it's terrific.

"Swindon’s businesses are crying out for a fast and reliable communications infrastructure on which to build their own competitiveness and success. With the launch of full fibre services from CityFibre, we’re excited about taking them on a journey that will improve their efficiency and productivity.

"This is just the start - we are born and bred in Swindon and we will use this as a chances to invest even more in the town, we are lining up customers and seeing how we can help them use this new network."

The connection will mean 100mb of images can be downloaded in a second or a full HD movie in seven seconds. The 6.5km-long fibre network will be available for Swindon schools and residents to use at a later date once the next phase of the rollout begins, and further expansion is in the pipeline.

Cityfibre's wholesale business CEO Elsa Chen said: "This future proof infrastructure is exactly what a modern digital city needs, unlocking world class connectivity speeds of up to 1Gbps that will enable local businesses to succeed productively and profitably.

"They also need the guidance and support of a service provider with the experience to help them take advantage of full fibre, and Excalibur is ideally placed to deliver that.”

Around 100 people from Swindon's business community attended the network's launch night at Excalibur's offices in Arclite House.

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