THE people of Penhill will stage a get-together early next month following a visit from Eden Project’s Big Lunch Community Walk yesterday.

Penhill Street Reps met up with members of the Eden Project team as part of a mission to highlight the efforts of residents who bring communities together. 

Nick Brook, the Swindon Borough Council housing participation officer who runs the Penhill Street Reps, said: “It’s quite amazing that an organisation in Cornwall has heard about us and what we do in Penhill, and wanted to get us involved in the Big Lunch.”

Penhill Street Reps is a volunteer organisation which works to improve the local community, specifically in relation to housing and the services the council provide.

The visit comes as part of a 17-day walk across Britain, from May 17 to June 2.

Carole Wright from London and Laura Graham from Northampton are taking in 17 different towns and cities to learn about neighbourhood activities, and encourage communities to host their own big lunch on the first weekend in June.

Mr Brook added: “In Penhill there is a very positive community spirit and lots of people doing a lot to make this a lovely place to live. But there is always a need to try to keep the community going. If we don’t have things like this going on, then there isn’t anything.”

It is hoped more than 30 people will attend the Big Lunch in John Moulton Hall. 
“Anyone local can come, and if you can’t make anything yourself for whatever reason, just bring a bag of crisps along,” said Mr Brook. “Anyone who brings something along, can eat anything on offer.”