A BUSINESS that matches pupils with tutors is expanding in to Swindon and Royal Wootton Bassett.

Sally Lingard launched the Cirencester office of her Tutor Doctor business in April 2018 providing educational support to children who feel pressure to do well at school and are stressed by exams.

She said: “I’d always wanted my own business where I could make a difference.

"Education is a fundamental part of a child’s development and I feel proud knowing I’m achieving that dream.

"The decision to expand to two more areas was a no-brainer – especially with shocking statistics in mind.”

Sally set up her business after moving from Cambridge to be closer to her father.

In 12 months, she has helped more than 30 students and provides work to more than 30 tutors in the area.

She added: “It was relatively easy for me to come in and be the liaison for tutors and students. I’ve always loved working with people.

"My ability to have a great relationship with families has given me the opportunity to have an impact on a deeper level.

“In the next year, I want to expand to another area where I can help more students .

"I’m extremely motivated to succeed, not just for me but for the families and students I work with. I know how much education can change lives.

“The impact of my business, now and in the future, is something I’m already very proud of.”

Sally's day-to-day work involves assessing a child’s needs and selecting the best tutor based on goals, personality and learning level. Tutors then visit their students at home or work with them via an online platform.