More than 53,000 people in Swindon voted in the European parliamentary elections on Thursday - that's a turn out of 36 per cent.

But up to 50 were turned away without being able to exercise their democratic right.

Nationally there were hundreds, if not thousands of people, particularly EU citizens, who found themselves unable to cast their vote.

A spokesman for Swindon Borough Council said it recorded between 40 and 450 calls form people who weren't able to vote- that's 0.09 per cent of the total who did. The spokesman added: "This is a national issue. EU electors have to register their intention to vote at EU elections in the UK via an “EC6” form. Usually these are sent in the December preceding an EU election, but due to the government not confirming the election until April, local returning officers across the country had to send them in April this year. The statutory deadline for the return of the forms was May 7.

The Electoral Commission had warned the government of the issue, saying: "The very short notice from the government of the UK’s participation in these elections impacted on the time available for awareness of this process amongst citizens, and for citizens to complete the process. EU citizens’ right to vote in the election in their home Member State remains unaffected by the change in the UK’s participation; in order to do so, they would need to be registered in that country in accordance with that country’s process and timetable."

Some Swindonians expressed their concern on Twitter: Iwona Zolopa wrote on Twitter: "#DeniedMyVote Swindon, my five-member family was deprived of a vote to the EP. That's what democracy in a civilized country looks like."

And Victoria Mico wrote: "I thought this had only happened to me Got less than a week's notice while being on holiday and the form had to be returned by post (!). I sent it on the day of the deadline but they still #DeniedMyVote in #Swindon. I was already registered. Why would I have to register again?"

Labour candidate for South Swindon, Sarah Church, wrote: "This happened to a fair few people. I was out talking to voters last night and people were telling me that their names had been crossed out. Not good enough"