A MUM-OF-THREE set out to lose more than seven stone – then discovered she was pregnant.

But Sadie Harrison attended Slimming World meetings for two years and throughout her pregnancy to keep her weight down and only missed one meeting – the week she gave birth to baby Carter.

The 38-year-old stepped on to the scales for her 100th weigh-in earlier this month to discover that she was exactly 100lbs lighter than when she started.

Sadie said: “I feel more comfortable in myself. I’m a lot more active and I enjoy things more.

"I look at old photos and can’t believe it’s the same person. The key is to keep going to the sessions every week, no matter what, good or bad, you have to face it, and there were plenty of helpful people there to guide me.

“I started this because I wanted to keep up with my kids, run around with Mya and Tyler and go with them to the park without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious or like people were staring at me.

“There have been some hard times where I struggled due to the pregnancy or having to cut out certain food from my diet when I was breastfeeding because Carter had allergies to dairy, beef and strawberries.

“The plan itself didn’t feel like a chore, I never felt hungry or frustrated and once I knew I wanted to commit to it, it was fairly easy.”

Her consultant Louise Preece said: “I’m so proud of her for what she has achieved. She’s a lovely mum and always contributes to the group sessions.

“Her original target was six stone but when she hit that, she wanted to lose even more and now she’s at a healthy BMI, she’s done an excellent job.

“I absolutely love helping people like Sadie, it’s amazing, and seeing the difference they can make to their lives, the smiles on their faces is the reward for me.”

Sadie added: “My husband has been my biggest supporter and my family are all really happy for me.

“The weigh-in was a really happy and long-awaited moment. I’m still following the plan - I don’t want to re-gain all the weight I’ve lost after all this hard work.”

Sadie moved from Canada to Faringdon 10 years ago and attended Thursday morning Slimming World sessions at the United Church from 2017.