COUNTING of the EU election votes is underway at the Oasis Sports Centre.

More than 53,000 votes were cast across Swindon, working out as a turnout of 35.7 per cent.

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The results will be declared after 10pm, when polling stations in Italy will close.

All eyes will be on the Brexit Party vote. The Nigel Farage-led party, launched earlier this year, is expected to do well. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, the Liberal Democrats, who back a second referendum, are also expected to enjoy a votes boost.

Swindon campaigner Martin Costello, who switched from UKIP to the Brexit Party earlier this month, told the Advertiser it would be an “interesting night of results”.

“This is a huge chance for the people to come out and send a message that enough is enough. We shouldn’t be having this election. We’ve all got better things to do,” said Mr Costello. The Brexit Party has called for the UK to leave the EU on World Trade Organisation rules - essentially a No Deal Brexit.

More follows.