THE BREXIT Party has claimed a huge majority in Swindon, netting an almost 10,000 vote majority.

Of more than 53,000 votes cast in the European Election in the town, the Brexit Party claimed a total of 19,126.

The Liberal Democrats claimed second place, with 9,511 votes. The Labour Party won 7,838 votes and the Green Party 6,861. 

The Conservatives took fifth place in the town, with 5,550.

UKIP, which in 2014 won a third of the votes, won 2,115 votes.

Swindon Advertiser:

There were 344 spoiled or rejected ballots.

Martin Costello, a former Swindon UKIP parliamentary candidate who made the switch to the Brexity Party this month, said: "I'm absolutely ecstatic. Swindon has come out and sent a very clear message to the political establishment."

Robert Buckland, Conservative MP for South Swindon, said: "This is a very bad result for both the main parties. Voters have used this opportunity to express their views on Leave or Remain and to register their deep frustration about events, which is entirely understandable."

Asked what lesson MPs should take from the results, Mr Buckland said: "The country is still divided, but both the main parties in parliament were elected to deliver Brexit. That fact cannot be ignored."

Reacting to the result, former North Swindon MP hopeful for the Liberal Democrats, Liz Webster, said: "I'm really delighted for the Lib Dems. It really shows a change in attitude."

Wiltshire result

The Wiltshire result mirrored the Swindon poll. The Brexit Party won 35 per cent of the vote, Lib Dems 25 per cent, Greens took 16 per cent, the Conservatives 11 percent, Labour 4 per cent, Change UK 3.18 oer cent and UKIP 3.14 per cent.