The Brexit Party claimed half of the six MEP seats across the south west.

Former Conservative Party MP Ann Widdecombe took one of those three seats.

And in an upset for the Tories, Ashley Fox, leader of the Conservative group in the European Parliament and a south west MEP, lost his seat.

The Liberal Democrats claimed two MEPs and Greens took one of the seats. 

Thanking voters and party workers, Miss Widdecombe said: "Tonight reaffirms the vote of 2016. There was only one reason for voting for the Brexit Party and that was if you wanted a Brexit. 

"Therefore we will go forward determined that is what we will achieve.  

"When we go to Brussels we will say that because of our showing in this election and the fact we so clearly speak for the people, we want a role in the negotiations."

Who was elected? 

Ann Widdecombe (Brexit Party)

Caroline Voaden (Liberal Democrats)

James Glancy (Brexit Party)

Molly Scott Cato (Green Party)

Christina Jordan (Brexit Party)

Martin Horwood (Liberal Democrats)

How many votes did the parties get?

Swindon Advertiser:

Speaking after the vote, re-elected Green MEP Molly Scott-Cato said: “I am delighted that the people of the south west have trusted me to serve them for another five years so that I can continue my important work on stamping out tax dodging, making farming more sustainable as well as pushing for bold action on the climate emergency and a Green New Deal in Europe.

"Our ‘tough on Brexit, tough on the causes of Brexit’ message has also resonated with many people."